Alternative Dispute Resolution in Tourism Sector

turizm sektöründe alternatif uyuşmazlık çözümleri

23 Dec 2020


In the Tourism Industry, which has direct relations with 54 sectors and meets 10.4% of the world GNP with USD 9.2 trillion before the pandemic, being able to do business while maintaining cordial relations with all stakeholders is one of the brass tacks for the reputation and continuity of every company.


In this people industry, which serves 1.5 billion travelers with nearly 330 million employees consisting of airlines, tour operators, travel agencies, hotels, bus companies, car rental companies, cruise liners, restaurants, guides, organization companies, digital reservation channels, suppliers, it is inevitable to avoid conflicts however the methods how to resolve the disputes are entirely up to the parties. Should you choose courts that will last for years and cost a lot, or alternative dispute resolutions that are quick and cost-effective?


Especially during the pandemic period, many consumers had problems as they had to cancel their trips and events due to the constant change of the country’s travel rules and due to increase in use of online reservation platforms. Alternative Dispute Resolution is the first method for consumer disputes in tourism in countries like the UK and America. Unfortunately, the use of this method in our country does not immediately come to mind yet. Benefiting from the Alternative Dispute Resolution methods will be an opportunity for many cases at which individuals and companies are not claiming their rights as they do not want to go through the lenghtly and costly court process which might also effect their reputation negatively. Alternative Dispute Resolution methods are perfect fit for any claimaints who are looking for quick and cost effective solution in confidentiality.


It is important in tourism industry to have exceptionally smooth co-operation between the stake holders, i.e owner-hotel operating company, tenant-owner, business firm-employee, agency-airline, agency-hotel, agency-customer, airline-customer, OTA-customer, hotel-guest, company-supplier. None of the decision makers would prefer to have decade long trials costing fortune and damaging both the reputation and relations. Alternative Dispute Resolution methods consisting of mediation, negotiation, facilitation, assessment, arbitration, Med-Arb, risk management consultancy methods are presenting a chance for permanent solution within a predetermined budget. The dispute resolution processes I took part in as a co-arbitrator abroad, and the seminars and meetings I attended in the ADRISTANBUL Dispute Resolution Platform, in particular, enabled me to determine the benefits of using these methods in our sector in a more concrete way.


I am sure that in the near future, Alternative Dispute Resolutions will be the most preferred method in tourism industry, where always the most innovative, fast, and cost-effective solutions are favoured instead of starting a nuclear war in the court.


Pınar Kartal Timer 12/2020

ADRIstanbul Advisory Board Member

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