Ayşe Yağcı Büyükpınar

Founding Partner & General Manager JULES VERNE TRAVEL & EVENT (Zorlu Group)

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Ayşe Yağcı Büyükpınar was the Founding Partner and General Manager of Jules Verne Travel & Event in 1998 and continued her duty until 2004. As of 2004, Jules Verne Travel & Event joined Zorlu Group under the leadership of Ayşe Yağcı Büyükpınar.

Ayşe has worked in different areas of the tourism sector for many years. She continues her experiences in both “organization” and “travel management” as Jules Verne Travel & Event.

In addition, Ayşe has written articles about tourism and travel experiences for Newspapers and Magazines for many years.

Detailed process-oriented working principles, following innovations, creating a good team, approaching events as a holistic, feeding creativity are always at the top of Ayşe’s agenda.

Although ADRIstanbul is a new formation, Ayşe sees a lot of similarities in its working principles … Besides being a platform where the industry will share its experiences, it also includes products that will contribute to all its stakeholders, making the ADR platform much more interesting and stimulating for Ayşe. …

Alternative Dispute Resolution




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Boğaziçi University, Electronics Engineering