The Bangladesh India Mediators Forum was Set Up

Mediation is becoming very popular as the mediators facilitate bringing peace between parties to resolve a dispute within a legal framework, thereby resulting in a win-win option for both parties involved. Besides, training is important and significant in mediation for mediators as they should be also equally good in human relations, human management, destressing stressful situations amongst legal acumen and knowledge.

The Bangladesh India Mediators Forum (BIMF), a supported and funded organization by BIMS  was set up on October 22, 2020. BIMF seeks to promote a bilateral working environment between the two neighboring countries to advance local and regional learning of strategic conflict management and dispute resolution through the mediation process with 57 accredited, certified mediators from Bangladesh and India. I, Ferda Paksoy, am happy to announce the foundation of this forum and its Executive Committee as an international spokesperson of BIMS.

Prof. Dr. GYV (George Yesu Vedha) Victor, a well-known International Marine, Dredging and Port Construction Expert, Arbitrator, and Mediator selected as Board Member and the first Chairman of Bangladesh India Mediation Forum. Asha Poresh Mahant, Manisha T. Kaira, and S N Goswami are sharing the role of Vice-Chairman. Devyajit Barman is Secretary-General, Malladi Vasudev, and Tasmin Karin Raisa are Joint Secretaries. Aarti Goyal is the Treasurer and Uttam Kumar Das, Nazmumnahar and Murmur Murshed Towhid are Executive Committee Members. Together we will be working to establish peace not only in Bangladesh and India but all around the World.