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In a brand new era of grand changes, many conflicts are on the agenda, reflecting on every field, from private life to social life. Our goal is to proceed to creative and sustainable solutions with you and the other party with fast, clear, and healthy solution designs with smart budgets in many issues such as adaptation, cancellation, workplace disputes, dismissal, supply chain problems, contractual disruptions, unfair competition, rental, purchase, insurance, service defects, receivables and compensation in different sectors.
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In the end, we are a team that comes out on the field together with you, your lawyers, financial advisors, authorized representatives, and your board of directors.



Mediation is the best-known alternative of all dispute resolution methods. Through the mediation process conflicted parties come together with their representatives and an independent and impartial mediator to develop a solution together under their guidance. We aim to have a sustainable agreement that suits your and the other party’s common interests, not the decision of an outside person, and provide this result with the process management of the impartial mediator you choose from our team. At the end of the process, legal documents are prepared to make execution easy and reliable. 

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Mediation is a dispute resolution method that is carried out voluntarily. You can use mediation for many private law disputes that can be resolved by sitting and talking with the other party. To use the mediation method, it is sufficient that the subject of the dispute is suitable for mediation and the parties want to use this process.

Negotiation is one of the most effective communication methods for resolving disputes or gaining added value and receiving what is requested. It focuses on the people, institutions, and states who want to obtain something from each other by convincing and influencing the other party to make their demands accepted. Although negotiation is an integral part of human life, the usage rate of effective negotiation methods during negotiation is limited.

If you aim for profitability, efficiency, and correct communication in business life, we are here for you.

As AdrIstanbul, we can join the team as your negotiator or negotiation coach, or we can design clinical studies to increase your team’s negotiation competencies. If you want, we can assign an expert negotiator from our team to negotiate on your behalf. Thus, you can reach the most profitable and satisfying solutions for you through negotiation.

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Are you going to create a family constitution? We can support you as an independent party to talk and negotiate with your family members. We are at your side not only in this area but in all areas where you need negotiation. We can also support you in negotiations with concordat creditors, angel investors, or venture capital funds.
Facilitation takes place as the process of ensuring the completion of the agreements reached and the establishment of the legal framework if necessary, which is an observer in the continuation of the negotiations while there are different opinions and demands on certain issues.

Facilitation is also effective in resolving situations where there is a dispute between the parties and in preventing conflicts that may arise.
It is also a method that enables parties to listen and understand each other for institutional management of disputes alleged to arise based on gender, discrimination, and other factors among employees in the workplace. Thus, you can reduce the tension in the workplace and even solve it.

Another alternative dispute resolution method is ‘evaluation’ which is a preventive method. It is a process in which different methods are put on the table to bring conflicted parties together to solve the conflict in the most satisfying way for all parties. The design process of the contents of the agreement, SWOT analysis, analysis of the dispute, and near-medium-term solution alternatives are evaluated. The gains and losses to be brought by the judicial remedy other than ADR are examined by our team’s experts and converted into reports.

We would like you to work with us in a particularly recommended method to make clear and healthy agreements.

One of the best-known alternative dispute resolution methods is arbitration. In the arbitration process, an arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators who are experts in the subject takes a decision similar to the court. This is the key difference between Arbitration and Mediation. The mediator does not decide anything and helps the parties to decide. It is not judgment-oriented.

AdrIstanbul can recommend expert arbitrators and arbitration centers in the field of dispute upon your request.

In the mediation processes carried out by AdrIstanbul experts, when it is necessary to proceed from this process to arbitration, if the parties request the current mediator or a mediator from the AdrIstanbul team to resolve the issue as the sole arbitrator, this process is completed by AdrIstanbul.
Risk Management Consultancy
Intensification of competition in global and local markets, an increase of unforeseen developments, and the necessity to use limited resources require institutions and organizations to prioritize the implementation of “conflict risk management” and “crisis management”.

AdrIstanbul provides consultancy services in the field of “conflict risk management” to ensure the correct management of risk and solution costs in disputes where customers are a party, to protect the brand value, corporate reputation, and competitiveness, to determine the contributing factors, the judicial system, international agreements, and alternative solutions to which dispute resolution will belong , and supports the “strategic management” in solving the crisis caused by the conflict.

It is becoming more and more crucial to create a management map of disputes and to determine effective and economical solutions. During these periods, AdrIstanbul experts provide consultancy services to their customers in each of the stages such as:
Situation analysis
Conflict analysis
Creating a map of solution paths
Risk minimization
Coordination with other actors involved in process management
and they contribute to the emergence of crises and corrosive disputes with the least financial and moral damage and even by getting stronger.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
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Local and global organizations, public institutions, non-governmental organizations, suppliers and small businesses can benefit from these services.


Mediation Advocacy
AdrIstanbul is aware that the well-executed party representation in the mediation process is valuable in providing quality mediation services and creates theoretical and practical training programs for the reinforcement of the application, approach and thinking methods specific to this process. Trainings given by Turkish and foreign experts will enable the party representatives to specialize in this field.
The features and methods of application of ethical codes accepted by international systems in ADR practices, consultancy services, and training programs, protection of party rights, and a healthy application of basic ADR principles are the content of this training program.
Online Dispute Resolution
It is the training that includes process training and practical studies for online dispute resolution practices that have become widespread especially with the pandemic process.
Singapore Mediation Convention Practice Training
It is the training that covers the Singapore Mediation Convention, its conditions, application areas, criteria, and importance for countries and practical studies, which entered into force as the Convention on 12.09.2020, ratified by Turkey on 11 March 2021, and will enter into force in Turkey six months from 11 March 2021 according to the terms of the convention.