About Us

uyuşmazlıklara etik,sürdürülebilir ve adil çözümler

ADRIstanbul is a platform that provides service to quickly reach permanent, sustainable, high value-added agreements in private law disputes between institutions, organizations, investors, employers, and states. The distinguished ADR experts in their team ensure that the disputes between the parties will be transformed into ethical, efficient, sustainable, and rational agreements.


ADRIstanbul pioneers the effective use of methods such as

Mediation (Turkish law and the Singapore Mediation Convention included in this scope.)

Effective Negotiation

Preliminary Evaluation – Evaluation



to lead these methods to be used effectively in the Turkish business world, to recognize their contributions, to be widely preferred, and to create a space. AdrIstanbul ensures that a significant difference is made in the profitability of institutions and organizations with its ‘exclusive consultancy and training services’ on dispute resolution methods and risk management.


Ethical practices

Inclusiveness and Respect for Diversity

ADRIstanbul accepts that each individual is unique and valuable. AdrIstanbul treats all differences of race, religion, belief, gender, language, ethnic origin, nationality, physical-mental disability, culture, socio-economic status, and status with the same respect and sensibility and provides equal services.

Social Responsibility Projects