Mediation, effective method in disputes

A valuable conversation between a distinguished journalist and economy writer Şeref Oğuz and the founder of AdrIstanbul Ferda Canözer Paksoy about rise of Turkey in the field of Mediation after the Singapore Convention.

Mediation, effective method in disputes

While it is being referred to reforms, law takes the leading and foremost position. Because law is at most in contact with real life and ensuring that economy advances on solid grounds. Whereas mediation is the leading of the cost-effective and fast solution methods in settlement of disputes, acquiring ever-increasing essence in the recent years…

We are talking about the system with Ferda Paksoy, founding partner of Adrİstanbul, a dispute settlement management consultancy platform. While the Platform is implementing dispute settlement methods for domestic as well as foreign investors and enterprises, at the same time providing niche trainings in relation therewith.

Mediation as one of the alternative dispute settlement means/channels, was initiated to bne used in our country with the purpose of reducing the workload on jurisdiction authority within framework of Law Number 6325 titled Alternative Settlement Means in Private Law Disputes.

Mediation which was arbitrary/optional between years 2013- 2017, has started to be considered since 2018 a cause of action in employee-employer disputes. It is at present a prerequisite of law in commercial and consumer disputes as well… In short, exactly like the family physician approach, it is now compulsory to come together and discuss the subject matter with mediator before seeking recourse in the judicial process…

Ferda Paksoy is indicating to the essence for our country the Singapore Mediation Convention, with Turkey being one of the 55 signatory states; “If our awareness in this respect is enhanced, we could possibly make Istanbul the mediation center of the regional geography.”

Designers of law reform should also take into consideration such global opportunities and initiatives as well.


Turkey is amongst the first of signatory states of Singapore Mediation Convention… In parallel to this convention, it shall be facilitated and cleared the way for re-arrival of foreign investment in an intensive manner. Let us not miss our chance of becoming a center of attraction for foreign investment over law processes as well.

We could ensure that Istanbul becomes the center for mediation and dispute settlement to the extent of Istanbul Finance Center.


Şeref OĞUZ –

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